Civil Litigation Investigation

A Civil Investigation is an effort to collect evidence for a party to a civil legal matter.  These types of cases can include divorce proceedings, child support injunctions, motor vehicle accidents,  injury cases and more. Anything you can sue another person over, you will need to develop evidence to support your claim. 

At D. Michael & Associates Inc. we use a variety of investigative tools and techniques to collect and preserve evidence to help support that claim or refute a claim. Based on the needs of a case, we may interview witnesses, document evidence through photography or video footage,  collect and preserve hard to find records, and conduct covert lawful surveillance. We may even have to find hidden assets that are not being disclosed to you as required by the court. The goal is to gather as much information as possible so you or your attorney can use it to present your case in court.

Many attorneys who specialize in civil matters work with a Private Detective, taking advantage of their investigative skills and connections to get access to the most useful information. 

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Unique to D. Michael & Associates Inc., is how we analyze each case. Cases are broken down into critical elements that aid in developing a deeper understanding about all the facts known and unknown in a case.

Our process:

1. Cast of Characters Development - Identifying everyone involved in the case and their role in the case

2. Facts Chronology Development - Inspecting every page in the discovery to develop a detailed timeline

3. Issue Outline - Linking different facts to unique elements within the case to aid in the defense strategy

4. Document Index - Developing a document inventory to ensure all discovery has been disclosed

Click below for an example of our Comprehensive Case Analysis.

Case Analysis