Client Testimonials

Law Office of Richard L. Strohm

"I reached out to Mr. Jarrett for an investigative criminal matter. When I hired him, I was not prepared for was the service he was about to deliver. Mr. Jarrett is more than thorough--he is a perfectionist! Mr. Jarrett’s discipline and determination produced a victorious outcome that could have been potentially disastrous for my client. He identified critical and overlooked witnesses without my direction that aided in our victory. His intuition and intelligence means I will be using him exclusively as my private investigator a long time."

Richard L. Strohm 

Droban & Company

"I've hired Mr. Jarrett of a multitude of case and have been extremely impressed with his versatility and competence in various fields of investigative matters. Mr. Jarrett showed initiative uncovering overlooked evidence, identifying errors and documenting new evidence critical to the case. I found Mr. Jarrett to be resourceful, dependable and effective in his communication and report writing." 

Kerrie Droban

JBelanger Law PLLC

"Mr. Jarrett was referred to me a couple of years ago by a colleague that I hold in high regard. Within a few weeks of the referral, I hired Mr. Jarrett for a felony assault case. Mr. Jarrett was everything I was advised he would be and more, he was diligent, creative and professional. Mr. Jarrett was proactive in his work, thorough, and conscientious of the case objectives."

Jim Belanger

The Law Offices of Anca Iacob, PLLC 

"I have worked with Mr. Jarrett for over 7 years and have always had a great experience. That is why he continues to be a part of my legal team. Mr. Jarrett’s input, knowledge and keen attention to detail have made him an indispensable asset. Once on the case, he knows exactly what needs to be done and does it. He feels invested in it and will turn every stone possible to find the best defense. My clients have been equally satisfied with Mr. Jarrett's exceptional service."

Anca D. Iacob

Taylor W. Fox, P.C.

"I recommend Damian Jarrett for any of your investigative needs without reservation. He is extremely punctual, responsive, and versatile in the many kinds of matters in which he can assist. He is dogged, tenacious, and will ensure that the investigative matter gets done satisfactorily. While he is attentive to the specific requests, he also brings his own suggestions and ideas to the table that best meets the goals. He is a welcomed resource."

Taylor Fox

The Law Office of Matthew A. Marner, PLLC

"Having worked with Mr. Jarrett for close to a decade, I can testify to his tenacious and effective investigative abilities. Mr. Jarrett's assistance has directly resulted in numerous dismissals, trial acquittals, and advantageous outcomes for my clients. One of the greatest aspects of Mr. Jarrett's work is his reliability and his continual communication of the investigative status of the cases he is involved in. As a busy litigator, I cannot overstate how vital it is to know the status of all parts of a case at any given time. Mr. Jarrett has always placed a high value on his continual communications with his defense team.

Mr. Jarrett has engaged in a variety of investigative tasks for myself and my clients, including: law enforcement and witness interviews, tracking down investigative leads, analyzing police reports, crimes scenes, and police procedure, serving people who don't want to be served, finding people who don't want to be found, and assisting with case strategy and cross-examination tactics. I can honestly say that I have had clients who would have been wrongly convicted and incarcerated, had it not been for Mr. Jarrett's involvement in their cases. I give Mr. Jarrett my highest recommendation and value his work on every case he assists me with."

Matthew A. Marner